Bonus Features

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Vessels occasionally will have items or parts that are considered to be “non-standard” or “specialized”. Disasu Estimating gives the estimator the power to include these cost as a unit price or as separate entries for material and labor within the estimate.

“EM” or “Extra Material” enables the estimator to enter any extra materials that may be necessary to include in the estimate, but are not part of the vessel design

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“EL” or Extra Labor” allows for the entry of any extra labor associated with the added material. Or if there are any independent labor cost that apply to the vessel, they may be entered here as well.

“ET” or “Extra Tallies” simply refers to any ‘whole’ or ‘single’ cost associated with the vessel. For example” Accounting for any escort fees associated with the transportation of a vessel from one location to another.

“Important default EM/EL/ET Cards” Disasu gives the power to the end user/estimator to create a MASTER list of EM, EL and ET items to be included with each vessel. Items can be either added to or deleted from theis list depending upon necessity and application to the vessel.

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