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In addition to standard vessel design components, Disasu Vessel also addresses many other issues. Such as…

Limited Deflection Design – This permits the user to specify maximum permitted deflection at the top of the vessel. Cybervessel will loop and set required thicknesses.

Field Hydrotest – This test is designed for either the new or future corroded conditions of vessels. Users may input pressure, percentage of wind load and allowable stress during this testing.

Center of gravity – these calculations are performed for both bare and dressed condition.

Vibration analysis – The Vortex shedding effects (a.k.a. “vibration”) analysis of tall columns for erected, empty and operation conditions of a vessel. This  analysis is performed at both the first and second critical wind speed.

Rigging Analysis – analysis for lifting the vessel from the horizontal to the vertical position

Shop Hydro test - these test reports show the stresses generated in the shell while the vessel is in the horizontal position, under pressure, full of water with the static head of liquid being added.

Low Temperature Effects - Impact test requirements are automatically selected to meet the specified low temperature. Credit may be taken for voluntary stress relief along with stress reduction factor. Exempt status permitted by code may be overridden to require all components to pass UCS-66 (i.e. no UG-20). 

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